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The Moving to University Biomarker Study

What's this study about? Can I get involved?

Coming Soon!!


We will be looking for first year undergraduate students aged 18-21 to take part in the Moving to University Biomarker study! Please email for more information and anticipated study start date. You can join our study mailing list and we will contact you once the study is launched!

There are a few ways to take part - so choose which way suits you best!

Option 1 - The Full Biomarker Project

In this part of the study you get your stress hormones analyzed! We will ask you to provide some saliva samples over two days (you can do this at home in tubes we will post to you) and we will ask you to fill out a survey (<25 minutes). This will take place during the Autumn semester. Then, and this is important, we will ask you to do the same again in Semester 2 (Spring semester) and complete a shorter survey (<10 minutes). There is only space for 150 students to do this part – please only express interest if you want to take part both semesters. To help compensate for any expenses traveling on-campus to return the cortisol kits to the designated drop-off point everyone that completes both time-points (semester 1 and 2) will receive a €10 voucher.

Option 2 - The Transitioning to University Surveys

If you still want to take part, but would rather not provide saliva samples – you still can! You can complete the survey this semester and then again next semester. The survey will ask general questions about psychological well-being and the move to university.


For full details see the information sheet below. This information is all provisional for now. Once we receive ethical approval we will start recruitment. Please keep us in mind until we are ready to start the study.

For more information or to join the study mailing list contact: Siobhá

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