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SASHLab: Health and Psychophysiological Laboratory 

Our laboratory has two separate but interconnected testing suites for conducting cardiovascular stress reactivity studies. Both suites are equipped with cardiovascular monitoring equipment, height and weight measurement scales including a psychometric measurement library. There is also a fully-equipped wet-lab.

Immunological and Hormonal Measurement

Our wet-lab is fully equipped with centrifuge, plate-reader, incubator, fridge-freezers to full analysis of biomarkers such as cortisol, DHEA-s, cytokines, and S-IgA.

Cardiovascular Measurement  

Our cardiovascular monitoring equipment includes a Finometer Pro which has a beat-to-beat monitoring system for full assessment of blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac output, stroke volume, total peripheral resistance. 

There are also several Dinamaps available for assessment of heart rate and blood pressure.

For our ambulatory real life studies on cardiovascular monitoring we have several ambulatory monitoring devices that can measure and store cardiovascular response over a 48 hour period.

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