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Slán, Farewell, Adieu!

Over the past 7 months, one of the Co-op students in third year Psychology BSc has been working in the psychology department with Dr. Ann-Marie Creaven and Dr. Stephen Gallagher in SASHLab. Sarah Minogue began her placement in June 2016 and is finishing up in December 2016. While she was working here, she was involved in many different tasks with SASHLab and had opportunities to be involved in research.

While updating the SASHLab twitter account and writing blogs throughout the placement, there were also opportunities to work with different lecturers and students. Back in June, she helped in the preparation and organisation for two separate conferences that were being held in UL. There was a Finometer training session in Mary I that Sarah attended along with PhD student Grace McMahon and learned how to set up and record cardiovascular data on participants. In September, she collected questionnaire data with PhD student Michelle Kearns in Waterford for Pieta House.

In October another research assistant, Nicola Kemmerling, on international placement joined the SASHLab group. Nicola, originally from Germany, began working with Dr. Stephen Gallagher and wrote literature research about attachment and stress reactivity while creating a table including any important articles. Later Nicola began pilot testing with one of the FYP lab groups and afterwards began testing independently with the Finometer Pro.

While involved in different tasks, Nicola and Sarah worked together with the FYP lab groups and got an overview on project management skills including; ethics applications, recruiting participants, and developing study timelines etc.

Later both Nicola and Sarah administered testing protocols during sessions with participants and collected some of the data for the FYP group.

There were an endless amount of other amazing skills gained from the placement for both students such as writing and presentation skills. Sarah and Nicola picked up plenty of tips from the writing workshop held in November and practiced presenting in front of the SASHLab group in December on the work they had completed so far during placement.

A note from Sarah and Nicola:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank both Stephen and Ann-Marie for providing so many varied and exciting opportunities during the research placements. We hope the next round of assistants will enjoy it as much as we did and will make the most of the amazing experiences in placement.

Go raibh maith agaibh!

Thank you!


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