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STAR Conference

During the summer SASHLab members Dr. Ann-Marie Creaven, Stephen Gallagher attended the 37th STAR (Stress and Anxiety Research Society) conference, which was held in Zagreb, Croatia between July 6th and 8th 2016.

The STAR conference was hosted by the Psychology Department in the University of Zagreb. Both Ann-Marie and Stephen, with help and funding from the Health Research Board, organised and presented at a symposium: Psychosomatic Influences on Health.

Presenting research at the symposium were Prof. Anna C. Phillips (University of Birmingham), Prof. Brian Hughes (NUI Galway) and Dr. Siobhán Howard (Mary Immaculate College, Limerick).

This year’s theme was “Stress and Anxiety in a Changing Society”. Speakers explored and discussed a range of life changes that affects the health of the population of different regions with examples of recent wars and affected economies with more widely experienced societal changes such as globalisation and new technologies.

SASHLab member Eoin Brown also presented findings of his IRC-funded PhD research examining the psychophysiological mechanisms by which loneliness might influence physical health.

Although the main theme of the STAR conference was Stress, Anxiety and Health, more than 14 themes were more specifically addressed. Topics ranged from ‘sport performance’, ‘peacebuilding and trauma recovery in post-war reconstruction’ and ‘romantic relationships, sexuality and anxiety’.

Hvala Zagreb!

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