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SASHLab is a research cluster at the University of Limerick's Department of Psychology.

We are a group of researchers from broad backgrounds bringing our expertise together to learn more about how stress damages health.

Who we are: We are a group of researchers working out of the Health & Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of Limerick, Ireland, whose main purpose is to advance the science of stress and health.

What type of research do we do: We conduct research that looks at the way in which stress might affect human health; this can be from how stress gets inside our bodies (e.g. hormones and biology) to what groups of people are most vulnerable to its effects and what makes them vulnerable (e.g., personality, chronic exposure to stress, isolation and distress).


Who do we work with:  As well as academic research partners, we often partner up with outside agencies, hospitals, businesses, advocacy groups etc so that the people who will directly benefit most from our research findings have input into the research agenda.

How do we study stress: We use both laboratory (see here) and non-laboratory methods to study stress including the use of experiments and surveys to look at how stress can impact blood pressure or hormones.

Why study stress: Stress is viewed as an epidemic of the 21st century which has profound implications for both mental and physical health. Thus, understanding they ways it can harm can help us to inform the development of interventions that can reduce its negative impact on health and wellbeing.

News & Media Articles

Prof. Stephen Gallagher (Director) speaking about some of his research interests.

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