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SASHLab on Tour!

As part of our commitment to reinforce and grow our research networks throughout the country, Rachel was invited to University College Cork by Dr Samantha Dockray to act as a discussant for their monthly Lightning Talk.

The topic was "Biomarkers in Psychophysiology research: Potential and pitfalls", with two presentations from PhD candidates Karen O'Leary and Gillian Murphy. Rachel discussed the many methodological issues and considerations essential for research in the areas of psychophysiology, and her own discipline psychoneuroimmunology.The talks are followed by a lively Q&A session where the audience of staff, PhD candidates, postgraduates, and undergraduates are able to grill the panel.

Rachel really enjoyed her time at UCC, being able to have a look at their labs and meet some of the staff and students. We all wish the candidates well in their research and their thesis defences!

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